Himchuli Peak Climbing

Himchuli Peak with an altitude of 6441m above sea level is one of the gorgeous trekking peaks of Nepal. Situated at the Annapurna Region, the Himchuli Peak will offer the magnificent view of the pasture lands, meadows, snowy peaks and the local settlements with their own culture and tradition. The climbing at the Himchuli peak is not much tricky if we choose the right route to the summit. There are several routes to the summit of the Himchuli peak they may begin from either south east face, Hinko cave or other several routes as prescribed by the guides. And the route we choose is according to the season as easier as we can make the climbing. The best season to have peak climbing at the Himchuli peak will be during the Spring (April and May) and Autumn (October to November). And this season is suitable for most of the routes to peak. The first ascent to the peak of the Himchuli peak was done in 1971 October.

We can have both teahouse and camping trekking towards Himchuli peak. The trekking towards the Himchuli peak will begin from Kathmandu with the drive over to Dunai. We have to trek to visit and make our ascent at the Glorious Himchuli peak. There are trekking guides and agencies with the experienced guides and other necessary things which are needed for the trekking and peak climbing of the Himchuli peak. The trekking and the peak climbing at the Himchuli peak will be interesting and amazing experience.

Note: Peak climbing in Nepal is not easy as you are thinking. So for this you need to have good physique first and then leaders with experience for climbing the peak with lot more generosity are needed. If you are doing this trek for the first, it is better to find a good trekking agency that can help you to enjoy this trek to the fullest.


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