Things that will surprise you in Teahouse treks in Nepal

You need to go to the Himalayan region of Nepal to get the idea of “Tea House” Trekking. This is one of the popular treks in Nepal. The simple idea of this trek is to go from one tea house to the other. You might be wondering what a Tea House might be? Let me tell about them.

Tea houses are small hotels in the local villages during the route of trek that provide a place to sleep as well as home cooked meals. Such tea houses on the way are helpful as you need not carry tent or wonder about making food. The quality of the food depends upon the number of visitors in the region and competition. One should not expect the same kind of food in all the houses as it differs from every household.tea-house-trek

Tea houses in the Everest and Annapurna are exceptionally nice and even have western style flush toilets, hot water showers, and others beverages. These tea houses provide good services as the traffic of visitors in these regions are also high. However the tea houses in the less popular trails are rudimentary.

Few features of Tea Houses:

1. Tea houses are decent places to stay– Tea houses have homely feel. These small hotels are good and people there are very hospitable. You can meet fellow travelers and enjoy beer near the stove in the evening.

2. Food is almost the same– From my experience, all the food that they in the menu taste the same. It is just that they are arranged in different ways. But at the end it doesn’t matter for you will be hungry to feed upon anything. 

3. Showers and Electricity– Most of the tea houses in the Everest and Annapurna region have cold showers. But the ones with hot showers cost you additional money of around $4.

4. Sleeping arrangements– Most of the houses have two small cots that have mattress, pillows and sheet. You will also get a blanket if you ask for it but the cleanliness may not live up to your expectations. It is better to bring ear plugs to get a good night sleep for the walls are thin.

So the tea house treks of Nepal will make you fall in love with them. The quality of tea houses may not live up to your expectations but their friendly nature and their effort to make you comfortable and cozy will win your heart.


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