7 Best Treks in Nepal

Nepal is a geographical country with many high hills and mountains. Thus, Nepal has many famous trekking destinations that are adventurous and challenging. From the trails and terrains reaching to Everest to a normal hilly path, every journey will provide you an amazing experience.

Thus, Nepal is a perfect place for trekking and hiking enthusiasts.  

Before going let me give you some ideas about some popular Treks in Nepal. Also, get to know which one your favorite destination and also the right one.

  1.  Everest Base Camp Trekking

To stand opposite the world’s highest mountain- Mount Everest is definitely not a layman job. But still, due to the craze of many adventure-loving people, the Everest Base Camp Trek has become the most famous trek in Nepal. Everest Base Camp Trek is counted in a medium as difficulty wise but walking over 5000m is not an easy task. Though it is provided with great trekking trail and once you reach the top you will be welcomed by excellent mount landscapes.

The best season for this trek is March to May and October to November. There are not any restricted permits here. The accommodation type here is in tea houses and guest houses.

  1. Annapurna Base Camp Trekking

Annapurna is another famous trekking destination of Nepal. ABC Trekking is easy and sophisticated as compared to EBC trekking. This trek welcomes you with the views of Annapurna, Dhaulagiri, Langtang and Manaslu. This trek is famous for its diverse landscape, terraced field, and Old Gurung Culture. The environment is rich in alpine flora and fauna.  It requires about 10 days to complete this journey. Thus, it is a short duration trek great natural magnificence. ACAP and TIMS card are what you require to get there.


  1. Manaslu Circuit Trekking


Manaslu Circuit Trekking has been popular recently due to its remarkable scenic natural beauty and traditional culture. This trekking is mostly loved by the trekkers who don’t like much crowd and crew. This trek gives you the daunting views of Mount Manaslu, Ganesh Himal Range and even some views of Annapurna Range. Manaslu region is famous for its high altitude glaciers, cultural diversity, and fascinating flora & fauna. This special cultural and natural beauty makes it a favorite destination for trekkers. The overall Manaslu journey is adventuresome and a bit challenging. To experience the charming view of Manaslu region and surrounding Himalaya, you will require three permits (ACAP, MCAP, RAP) as this is a protected region.

  1. Kanchenjunga Base Camp Trekking

Kanchenjunga is the next famous trekking destination in Nepal. It can be for the trekkers who love less adventurous and less crowded trekking. But the trek is in high and deep mountain terrain and trails. KBC trekking unfolds the natural beauty guarded by the remote valleys and hidden treasures like lakes, tribal villages, for with variety of flora & fauna. This trek welcomes with the breathtaking view of Kanchenjunga (world’s third highest peak) along with neighboring Frey Peak, Kok Tang, Kabru Peak, Ratong etc. This region is also the home of ethnic Rai and Limbus of Tibetan descent. So, its unspoiled scenic beauty and thrilling adventure are the features that attract the people all around the world.

  1. Rara Lake Trekking

Rara lake the largest lake of Nepal. This lake is a part of Rara National Park, a precious gift of nature. Belonging to one of the untouched circuits in Nepal, this journey is easy and a good destination for trekking in the west. The trek begins from Jumla and takes you to the off beaten paths to the diverse nature of the beautiful park. Rara is rich in coniferous forest and habitat of many exotic and endangered faunas like black bear and musk deer. This trek is at the elevation of 3200m giving you the view of snow-capped mountains and alpine meadows. Not only the instinctive beauty but also you will get to know the rustic life of local people.

  1. The Langtang Region

Langtang is the valley of glaciers, stunning combination of natural beauty and diverse local culture. Perhaps may be overlooked by most trekkers for its lower altitude, Langtang offers the variety of stunning panoramic view of mount, majestic waterfall with diverse landscapes and vegetation. It is the moderate level of difficulty taking about 10 days to complete. Hence, Langtang region is one of famous trekking regions for those wishing a short trek into the Himalayas influenced by Tibetan culture.

  1. Upper Mustang Trekking:

Mustang is really a magical place rich in historical, geopolitical and cultural aspects. The landscapes and culture are unique all over the world. This Upper Mustang Trekking unfolds the hidden world of Old Buddhist Kingdom of Mustang and whole Tibetan empire. This trek is a yearning chance to explore the undisputed culture and lifestyle of the local people. With an altitude over 4000m, the landscape is heavenly amazing with semi-arid desert with deep and rocky valleys with snowy peaks. As this place lies in the special zone, it requires special permits along with ACAP & RAP permits.


Things that will surprise you in Teahouse treks in Nepal

You need to go to the Himalayan region of Nepal to get the idea of “Tea House” Trekking. This is one of the popular treks in Nepal. The simple idea of this trek is to go from one tea house to the other. You might be wondering what a Tea House might be? Let me tell about them.

Tea houses are small hotels in the local villages during the route of trek that provide a place to sleep as well as home cooked meals. Such tea houses on the way are helpful as you need not carry tent or wonder about making food. The quality of the food depends upon the number of visitors in the region and competition. One should not expect the same kind of food in all the houses as it differs from every household.tea-house-trek

Tea houses in the Everest and Annapurna are exceptionally nice and even have western style flush toilets, hot water showers, and others beverages. These tea houses provide good services as the traffic of visitors in these regions are also high. However the tea houses in the less popular trails are rudimentary.

Few features of Tea Houses:

1. Tea houses are decent places to stay– Tea houses have homely feel. These small hotels are good and people there are very hospitable. You can meet fellow travelers and enjoy beer near the stove in the evening.

2. Food is almost the same– From my experience, all the food that they in the menu taste the same. It is just that they are arranged in different ways. But at the end it doesn’t matter for you will be hungry to feed upon anything. 

3. Showers and Electricity– Most of the tea houses in the Everest and Annapurna region have cold showers. But the ones with hot showers cost you additional money of around $4.

4. Sleeping arrangements– Most of the houses have two small cots that have mattress, pillows and sheet. You will also get a blanket if you ask for it but the cleanliness may not live up to your expectations. It is better to bring ear plugs to get a good night sleep for the walls are thin.

So the tea house treks of Nepal will make you fall in love with them. The quality of tea houses may not live up to your expectations but their friendly nature and their effort to make you comfortable and cozy will win your heart.

Everest Base Camp Luxury Trek

Everest Luxury Trek

Do you want to trek to the base camp of the highest mountain in the world?  Wondering if you have enough time to make the trek? We present to you Everest Base Camp Luxury Trek. It is the shortest and most comfortable trekking package one will ever find for the Everest region trekking.

Everest Base Camp Luxury Trek is an amazing way to explore the Everest Region. The trek is more luxurious compared to other Everest region treks. Everest Base Camp Luxury Trekking is one of the classic treks of the majestic Everest alongside breathtaking scenery while staying in the high quality lodges of Khumbu region. This trek provides an excellent opportunity to visit the base of the tallest mountain in the world by staying in finest local luxury lodges through this trek.Everest Base Camp Luxury Trek

The Everest Base Camp Luxury Trek is one of the grandest trek in the world. It is so much better than the journey the legendary mountaineers Sir Edmund Hillary and Tenzing Norgay had gone through in 1953. The services by the lodges are phenomenal; they are at a standard far better than anything else available in the area. These lodges have hot water showers, modern washrooms, landscaped gardens, and comfortable bedrooms.

The journey to the Base of the Everest starts in Kathmandu with an exciting flight in a Twin Otter plane to the mountain strip in Lukla. The journey then passed through several Sherpa villages, Buddhist monasteries, colorful flags on the way and into the Namche Bazar.

Namche Bazar is the capital of Sherpas, and we are greeted by spectacular mountain vistas.  The Sherpa people of this area are warm, kind and vibrant. Your stay in among these people will make you known about the culture and lifestyle of these mountain people.

The Everest Base Camp luxury trekking helps you to explore the Everest Base Camp within a short period of time. This trek allows you to witness not just Everest but Lhotse, Nuptse, Changtse, Ama Dablam and other lesser tops from a peaked vantage point.

jiri to ebc trek

Jiri to Everest Base Camp Trek

Mount Everest, the highest peak in the world was first conquered by Sir Edmund Hillary and Tensing Norgay Sherpa in 1953 A.D. Following these legendary mountaineers, the trek to the Base Camp of the world’s highest mountain is beautiful, inspiring along with breathtaking scenery.

Jiri to Everest Base Camp trek follows the traditional route taken by earlier Everest expedition and it is still used as the main route to Everest Region. One can also directly fly to Lukla as an alternative. But seven days’ trek from Jiri, famous as Switzerland of Nepal, to Everest Base Camp leads one through the breathtaking scenery of majestic Himalayas and fills you with respect to all the climbers who prove human determination and hardiness by making to the roof of the world.

Jiri to Everest Base Camp trek is designed  after consultation with professional mountaineers and guides and experts to help the climbers get adequate time to acclimatize. Your journey starts from Jiri, also known as the Gateway to Everest. On the way to the Base camp, we walk through alpine forests, glacial rivers, and also learn the ethnic culture unscathed by modern period. On the trek you will pass through Buddhist villages, mostly Sherpa who have adopted to the life in mountains for centuries. Buddhist monasteries with prayer flags, Sherpa and other ethnic groups make life in mountains simple yet beautiful.


Everest Base Camp trekking is designed for for the trekkers who are physically fit and enthusiastic to explore mountain life and challenge themselves with the unpredictability of mountains. If you are up for more challenge, you can extend your trek up to one of the most famous high passes in the world, Everest High Pass Trek. But if you want to shorten this trip, you can directly fly to Luka.

Spring (March to May) and Autumn (mid Sept to mid Dec) are the best seasons for Jiri to Everest Base Camp Trek.

Himchuli Peak Climbing

Himchuli Peak Climbing

Himchuli Peak with an altitude of 6441m above sea level is one of the gorgeous trekking peaks of Nepal. Situated at the Annapurna Region, the Himchuli Peak will offer the magnificent view of the pasture lands, meadows, snowy peaks and the local settlements with their own culture and tradition. The climbing at the Himchuli peak is not much tricky if we choose the right route to the summit. There are several routes to the summit of the Himchuli peak they may begin from either south east face, Hinko cave or other several routes as prescribed by the guides. And the route we choose is according to the season as easier as we can make the climbing. The best season to have peak climbing at the Himchuli peak will be during the Spring (April and May) and Autumn (October to November). And this season is suitable for most of the routes to peak. The first ascent to the peak of the Himchuli peak was done in 1971 October.

We can have both teahouse and camping trekking towards Himchuli peak. The trekking towards the Himchuli peak will begin from Kathmandu with the drive over to Dunai. We have to trek to visit and make our ascent at the Glorious Himchuli peak. There are trekking guides and agencies with the experienced guides and other necessary things which are needed for the trekking and peak climbing of the Himchuli peak. The trekking and the peak climbing at the Himchuli peak will be interesting and amazing experience.

Note: Peak climbing in Nepal is not easy as you are thinking. So for this you need to have good physique first and then leaders with experience for climbing the peak with lot more generosity are needed. If you are doing this trek for the first, it is better to find a good trekking agency that can help you to enjoy this trek to the fullest.


Upper Mustang

An escape into the remote trans-Himalayan mountain area, Upper Mustang is one of the most adventurous trekking destination in Nepal. The entire region stretching from Kaligandaki, a deserted region, to Kagbeni in the Tibetan south border is known as Upper Mustang.

upper mustang

Combination of scenic beauty and religious monastery that age more than thousands of years, Upper Mustang is an ideal experience for all adventure seekers. The route starts from the world’s deepest gorge, Kaligandaki Region, into world’s highest regions of Lo-Manthang Valley. The Upper Mustang trek starts from Jomsom to Kagbeni, the entry point of upper Mustang Region. Follow the banks of Kaligandaki River upstream to get to Lo-Mangthang, the capital of the upper Mustang. The route offers panoramic views of Nilgiri, Annapurna, Dhaulagiri and several other peaks. The trek also passes through high peaks, passes, glaciers, and alpine valleys.

Influenced by the Tibetan Culture, the entire region has its own unique tradition and culture. The thousands years of isolation has kept the culture, lifestyle and heritage uncorrupted by modernization. Majority of the the settlements are made up of stone and sun baked mud bricks. The city-wall and the four stored palace in Lo-Manthang are some of the beautiful architectures of Mustang region. Polyandry, a type of marriage where in all the brothers of a family marry the same woman, is a common practice.

The Trans-Himalayan Mustang Region is also known as the Last Forbidden Kingdom. The region was restricted for outsiders until October 1991. The people of Mustang call themselves Lobas. There is a strict control in obtaining a special permit from the department of immigration to protect their tradition from outside influence as well as to protect their environment.

Trip Highlights

  • Scenic drive to Pokhara
  • Spectacular Mountain flight Pokhara/ Jomsom via Dhaulagiri and Annapurna range
  • Explore the hidden kingdom of Lo Manthang
  • Unique culture and lifestyle of Managis
  • Walk through the Kaligandaki river
everest base camp

What Makes Everest Base Camp Such a Famous Trek?

Trekking in Nepal attacks thousands of adventurers and aesthetes from all over the world. People visit Nepal to behold the treasures of natural beauty it is blessed with. Among the various trekking destination, the Everest Base camp happens to be one of the most popular one.


Everest Base Camp Luxury Trek is one of the most attempted adventure sports of Nepal. One of the obvious reason for its popularity being its destination- the base camp of the highest mountain in the world. It is almost impossible to dramatize in words the serenity of the space untouched by human civilization. And it is twice as much difficult to comprehend the sentiment aroused by the beauty of not only the sight of Mt. Everest, but also many other ranges along with it.

The trek also derives its fame from the ecosystem of the region it is located in. The walk is through beautiful deciduous forests, rhododendron forest, bamboo forests, graceful water bodies and several other diverse landscapes. Nowhere else on earth will you feel as closely connected with nature as in this trek.

The other highlight of the trek is the Sagarmatha National Park which is situated in this route. The national park is also listed under UNESCO world heritage site and requires a special permission to be entered into. The park is a home to several wildlife inhabitants and if luck favors, you might as well catch a glimpse of some of the animals.

camp at everest base camp

The other factor that makes this trek so popular is in itself a popular aspect of the region- the local residents of the Sherpa Community. These people are know for their open mindedness and friendly nature. The Sherpa Culture is inherited from the Tibetan culture, hence allowing you to acquaint yourself with some of the most unusual and interesting lifestyle and practices. Everest Base Camp trekking is a perfect combination of the natural and cultural aspect.

Last but not the least, the food and accommodation of the trek is unlike any other place. To begin with, the entire region has a rural layout and still remains unstained by modernization. The tea houses are simple and comfortable and the food cooked in completely Nepali style.

The other factors of the trek are subjective and ineffable hence can only be experienced. The words used to describe the trek appears as an attempt of the writer to over sell the place. But millions of people have made it to the Base Camp and it has never been a disappointment to anyone.